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Headphones For Singing: What Should You Look For?

08 May 2023

Are you an aspiring playback singer? Is singing your passion or hobby?

If so, you must have seen other singers preferring and using over-ear headphones instead of using the in-ear ones. However, you should know that every headphone type has its own pros and cons depending on what you need them for. 

Headphones or earphones for singers like GOVO GoKixx 900 can be used for listening to music or to record the next cover of your favourite song.

You’ll find numerous wireless headphones in the market explicitly designed for regular use and come with excellent audio quality and a noise cancellation feature. 

But are they really the ideal choice for singing? To make things easier, you can check the things to look for before picking one of the most advanced and beneficial headphones with a mic for singing.



As you know, headphone jacks have almost become obsolete. Latest smartphones are getting launched with minimal ports due to the advent of wireless and advanced Bluetooth technology in the market.

This ongoing trend has influenced the headphone manufacturers and led them to introduce more and more wireless headphones to the market. These wireless gadgets come with apps that enable you to equalize the sound, change the audio quality, and alter the ambient sound.

With teens and young adults hitting the social platforms such as YouTube and Instagram with their music covers it becomes crucial to have an earphone that can match up with their passion for singing and make their voice reach out to your audience

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However, singers still face a dilemma in determining what makes good headphones. So, let’s check what makes them so suitable for singers in India.

  • Sound Quality: When buying a wireless or Bluetooth-enabled headphone, you must consider its sound quality. If you go with Bluetooth headphones, you may face some loss in quality for audio balance, depending on the brand. For instance, the GOVO GoBuds 920 wireless earbuds ensure excellent PRO audio quality with its classic driver and chipset.
  • Comfort: Apart from having a decent battery life support (at least for 20-hours), your headphone must ensure optimal comfort. Although some singers prefer over-ear headphones, you can explore other options like neckband earphones (say GOVO GoKixx 630) too. Know what’s best for your ears and pick accordingly.
  • In-Built Mic: The best headphones with a mic for singing in India, such as a GoKixx 900 comes with the in-built mic feature that will offer top-notch audio quality and also a microphone and convenient in-line controls so that you can make calls when you’re on the go.



Commonly speaking, recording, and mixing will become a crucial part of your singing when you work on critical pro-audio projects. This is where you’ll need the higher-end headphones. Considering this fact, you’ll get various budget-friendly headphones that will help you meet your singing needs at home studios.

Earphones also referred to as in-ear headphones, are commonly used as better-quality models for enhanced sound quality and comfort. The pro-audio quality earbuds and in-ear headphones like the GOVO GoBuds 600 come with a wide range of features that helps singers like you to enjoy critical listening uses.

As a singer, you must choose between headphones and earphones by picking the one that’s not sweetened. 

Go with the one with flat frequency response, as it will enable you to compare and determine levels appropriately. Also, check for the type of earphones available to you and see if they ensure the required audio quality.



When choosing headphones, you must pick the one that meets all these below-mentioned criteria: 



When looking for a good headphone, you should check whether or not it comes with the “passive noise cancellation feature. Headphones, such as the GoBuds 600 from GOVO have this particular feature. Using headphones with PVC or passive noise cancellation will seal out all the unwanted or outside noises so that you can listen to all your favourite tunes easily. 



If you listen to your songs while doing some physical activity, choose a headphone with a lightweight, portable design. However, if you need headphones for stationary studio work, choose the neckband wireless earphones such as the GoKixx 900.



Look for the durability of the headphones before making any buying decision. Check if they have a sturdy design and IP-rated water-resistant property or not. For earbuds, check the sturdiness of the earbud case. For wired headphones, check if the cables are substantial or not. See if the replacement parts are available for the headphone or not, especially if it’s a costly headphone.



When picking the right headphones, earbuds, or earphones for your passion for singing, you should look for certain factors like sound quality, comfort, portability, durability, and overall performance.

You get what you pay for your headphones. To determine the suitable model, you’ll have to know how and when to use the new headphone.



  1. GoKixx 900
  2. GoBuds 920
  3. GoKixx 630
  4. GoBuds 600

So, check all these aspects and pick one of the best headphones with a mic for singers with a wide range of available options at GOVO.


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