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Do More with Dual Pairing Bluetooth Headsets

06 May 2023

Whether it’s a solo trip or some get-together with friends, music remains your constant partner. 

From “roobaroo” to “senorita,” you’ll be all set with your playlist to enjoy your much-awaited me-time!

However, you sometimes feel annoyed when you must disconnect or juggle the headset to take a call, right? What’s the fun if your headsets can’t give you the magnified level of convenience you want during a trip? Aren’t there moments when you want to manage your calls and seamlessly shift to your on-loop music track in seconds?

In such events, the best Dual Pairing Bluetooth Headsets will be your companion. 

The best dual pairing Bluetooth headset like the GOKIXX 630 from Govo is all you need for an amplified music listening experience while staying connected to different audio sources.



Before jumping straight into the best available purchase options, you must know what a dual pairing Bluetooth headset is.

Dual Pairing is a popular and advanced Bluetooth feature that comes with the latest wireless headsets nowadays. It enables you to connect your laptop/PC and smartphone simultaneously with the headset. Depending on the audio source, you can switch between the two connected devices to enjoy seamless usage. 

In simple terms, dual Pairing means that you can connect your headset or earbuds like the GOBUDS 920 with two devices at the same time and switch between them to listen to music, take calls, watch movies, etc., with high-quality sound.

Learn how to connect earbuds to phones and other devices and switch between them seamlessly.

To connect both of your devices with the headset, you’ll have to turn on the Bluetooth on all three electronic gadgets:

  • Your smartphone
  • Your laptop/PC
  • Your headset

Now, let’s assume that you have a GOVO GOKIXX 900, a smartphone, and a Bluetooth-supported laptop. All you need to do is ensure that Bluetooth is on all these devices. Then, pair your headset with both the devices simultaneously, and that’s it!

Play “Comfortably Numb” or “Take Me Home, Country Roads,” and don’t worry about other audio sources with the dual-pair mode.



First, you need to understand that Multipoint Pairing is the same as dual Pairing. There may be some uncertain in-depth technical differences, but both serve the same function. So, Bluetooth Multipoint Pairing Headphones enable you to pair two different devices, such as your laptop and smartphone, with a compatible headset simultaneously. 

With multipoint pairing headphones like the GOBUDS 920, you can connect your headset with both your smartphone and laptop on a trip or at work. Say you’re in a skype meeting and using your favorite earbuds connected to both devices. Now, if an urgent call comes at this moment, you won’t have to bear the trouble of shuffling headphones or juggling the devices.

Your Bluetooth headset will detect an incoming call from your secondary connected device (say smartphone). It will enable you to answer the call instantly and efficiently without disconnecting yourself from the skype meeting. Of course, you won’t be able to stream audio from both devices (our technology is not that advanced YET!). 

For example, suppose you’re using GOKIXX 630 while being engaged on a call over the primary multipoint device, and another call comes in from the secondary device. In that case, all you have to do is keep the first call on hold and respond to the other. With a single hold of a button on the headset, you can easily switch between these calls.



GOVO has emerged as the ultimate way to enjoy advanced dual pairing options in today’s fast-pacing technological era. With new earbuds and earphones having the latest and most advanced Bluetooth technology, GOVO has redefined the meaning of dual-pair mode. GOVO products like the GOBUDS 920 and the GOKIXX 630 enable you to simultaneously connect two devices (smartphone and laptop/PC).

The advanced dual pairing mode with GOVO will enable your TWS earbuds and neckband earphones to switch between the two connected devices for seamless usage instantly. As a brand GOVO is dedicated to introducing even better earphone models to elevate the dual pairing feature and take it to the next level of convenience. This feature will enable seamless switching of devices between your two connected devices.



  1. GOKIXX 630
  2. GOKIXX 900
  3. GOBUDS 920

Regardless of the brand of your laptop or smartphone, the best GOVO headsets will ensure great convenience and comfort in usage.  

Dual pairing mode will enable GOVO earphones and TWS earbuds to seamlessly switch over to the secondary connected device. Whether you want to manage calls, meetings, or music in an office, trip, or at home, you can rely on this fast, efficient, and beneficial feature from the top products of GOVO. 

So, take a look at their versatile range of collections and determine the ideal earbud or wireless earphones with dual pair mode for your seamless usage journey henceforth.


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