Wired Earphones Buying Guide

Let us begin with a question, what is that one device that you carry everywhere, and treasure it as your closest companion?

The answer is here!

Earphones are considered the most widely spread technological device used by everyone. It lets you take calls, groove to your favorite music and even watch your favorite TV shows without being disturbed. To enjoy seamless, high-quality audio, you can invest in the perfect pair of wired earphones.

So let us first find out what they are.

What are Wired Earphones?

Wired earphones are nothing but regular earphones where the drivers remain connected with wires. You need to connect your device with the jack attached at the end of the wire. Thus the sound from your device is transmitted through the earphone jack directly to your ears.

TWe will now check out some excellent features offered by wired earphones.

Features of Wired Earphones

Wired earphones were the first kind of earphones that came into existence. Some of their features include:

  • High-Quality Sound:It has dynamic drivers that deliver crystal clear audio with excellent bass.
  • Super Bass:The in-ear drivers provide optimized sound to experience maximum punch even at a lower frequency.
  • Microphone with Soft Buttons:It usually comes with an additional microphone so you can seamlessly take calls and change your music tracks.
  • Innovative and Stylish Design: The wired earphones usually come with an ergonomic design that is comfortable for exceptionally more prolonged usage.

Now that you know about the features let’s take a quick look at the types.

Types of Wired Earphones

The numerous types of wired earphones include:

  • In-Ear Earphones: These are incredibly lightweight and compact, which you can easily carry around.
  • On-Ear Earphones: It is perfect for passive noise cancellation and produces comparatively lower heat.
  • Over-Ear Earphones: These are accurate for excellent isolation and are highly comfortable for your ears.
  • Closed-Back Earphones: It usually comes with an outer casing that doesn’t have any vent or hole. Thus, the sound gets trapped inside the cups, keeping out external noises.
  • Open-Back Earphones: The most acoustically transparent headphone lets you enjoy seamless music.

Let us now find out how you should buy one.

How to buy Wired Earphones

After you have decided on the style and type of your best suit wired headphones, you should check the connectivity. Then you need to check whether the drivers fit perfectly within your ears and the sound pressure is accurate. And also, make sure your chosen wired earphone comes with a tangle free cable.

Wired Earphones Price

If you enjoy being old school and feel comfortable with wired headphones, GOVO has some of the best options. The HD microphone and multifunction control let you enjoy a hands-free call pickup feature. The wide ranges of wired earphones prices are as follows:

Model Description
GOVO GoBass 400 The premium earbuds come with a sleek design and 3D powerful bass with XL drivers at just ₹299.
GOVO GoBass 410 You can get this ergonomic design for a comfortable fit and prolonged usage at just ₹259.
GOVO GoBass 411 Comes in 3 amazing colors and glossy finish to make you the most fashionable amongst your friends only at ₹399.
GOVO GoBass 610 With passive noise cancellation hammer designed XL drivers, you can groove to your playlist at just ₹399.
GOVO GoBass 900 This premium wired earphone comes with easy access controls at an affordable price of ₹549. The crystal clear HD mic provides the best experience for recording and transmitting voice.
GOVO GoBass 910 You can get to experience 3D sound at an affordable price of ₹399 with metallic bullet finish drivers.

You can now choose the premium wired earphones from GOVO’s outstanding collection. The in-line microphone technology lets you attend your meetings with zero interruptions. We’re sure that the inbuilt intuitive features will let you control music seamlessly.

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