Bluetooth Earphones Buying Guide

Most of us remain tethered to our devices and watch videos or listen to music. And our Bluetooth earphones are not just a mere accessory but a practical extension of our lives. If you’re willing to groove to your favorite beats, you need to have the best Bluetooth earphones.

But wait, what are they for real? Let’s find out.

What are Bluetooth Earphones?

While traveling in a metro, you must have seen people using different headphones. And out of them, Bluetooth earphones are trending in the market. Now you must have the question, “what are Bluetooth earphones?” These earphones come with a short neckband that comfortably lies around your neck while you wear them.
The inbuilt Bluetooth transmitter lets you groove to your favorite music for longer hours. Most people prefer using them because of their excellent battery life and convenient usage.
Let us take a quick look at the additional features of the Bluetooth earphones.

Features of Bluetooth Earphones

  • Excellent Battery Life: You can enjoy flawless audio with a great battery backup.
  • Voice Assistant: You can search for your favourite songs by your famous musicians through the inbuilt voice assistant on the Bluetooth earphones.
  • Passive Noise Cancellation: While you plug your earphones in, no external sound can cause disruptions to your flawless music.
  • Pro Sound: The drivers deliver high-quality sound and accurate audio and deep bass.
  • Ergonomic Design: The Bluetooth earphones are exquisitely designed for a comfortable fit and convenient usage.

Types of Bluetooth Earphones

Wherever you go for headphone shopping, you will find numerous types of Bluetooth earphones. And seeing so many variants, you can naturally become confused. So before you can choose the best suit, you must determine the purpose of purchasing the earphones.
Here are some Bluetooth earphones from which you can choose:

  • Over-Ear Headphones: These Bluetooth earphones are most commonly used by musicians, and it comes with large earpads. It is big enough to cover and connect two earcups very easily.
  • On-Ear Headphones: Quite similar to the over-ear headphones, but only with smaller earpads. The earpads of these Bluetooth earphones can rest easily on your earlobes.
  • In-Ear Headphones: It comes with smaller ear drivers, which you can easily insert within your ear canal. All people most commonly use this kind of Bluetooth earphones.

How to buy Earphones?

The smart and compelling features of the Bluetooth earphones might trigger you to buy one. But how to buy Bluetooth earphones? There are certain factors like technical specs, price, form, etc., that you must consider.

Make sure you check the sound quality and the battery life. Also, ensure that your desirable earphones come with seamless Bluetooth connectivity. And don’t forget to check for the available styles before you can purchase.

We will now take a quick look at the different price ranges of Bluetooth earphones.

Bluetooth Earphones Price

GOVO, the leading headphone manufacturer, has developed an excellent range of Bluetooth earphones - GOKIXX. The Bluetooth earphones' prices are as follows:

Model Description
GOVO GoKixx 400 Priced at just ₹699, it comes with XL drivers for MAXX bass.
GOVO GoKixx 410 This powerful bass provides seamless connectivity up to 30ft at just ₹699.
GOVO GoKixx 421 At just ₹699, you can experience accurate audio with powerful dynamic drivers.
GOVO GoKixx 610 You can enjoy crystal clear sound at just ₹799 with a boosted bass.
GOVO GoKixx 620 These earphones cost just ₹799 and let you groove with 20 hours of non-stop music.
GOVO GoKixx 621 Comes wth smart magnetic buds and deep bass mode only at ₹1,199.
GOVO GoKixx 630 At an excellent price of ₹899, you can enjoy dual pairing features.
GOVO GoKixx 651 With only 10 minutes of charge, you groove non-stop for 10 hours at just ₹999.
GOVO GoKixx 652 With 60 hours battery comes at only ₹1,499.
GOVO GoKixx 900 The powerful significant drivers let you feel your bones' bass at just ₹999.
GOVO GoKixx 952 With the mindblowing 106 hours battery is only at ₹1,699.


We hope your confusion regarding which Bluetooth earphones to buy has ended here. Choose your favourite GOVO GOKIXX today and immerse yourself within the pool of seamless music.

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