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Gaining popularity like wildfire, TWS, or True Wireless Stereo earbuds have redefined the era of earphones and headphones. Say goodbye to annoying wires and the constant need for untangling by buying the best quality TWS [True Wireless Stereo] earbuds online.

India is a musically enriched destination where people are obsessed with listening to music whether it is the highs, lows, and flat pitches of Indian classical music to the bass boosted western rock, our TWS earbuds make sure that these sounds are reproduced in their beauty of form, harmony, and expression of emotion.

Gone are the days when wired earphones used to be the most happening thing. With the advent of Bluetooth technology, earbuds have become the mainstream tech for listening to music, podcasts, and any video, making even wired headphones slowly obsolete.

With so many features and types of earbuds available in the market, it becomes daunting to pick the best one for you, but our earbuds buying guide should help you pick the right pair.

Check out our Earbuds Buyer Guide to help you how to choose the best earbuds that suit your needs.

Features of TWS Earbuds

TWS, also known as True Wireless Stereo, comes with a distinctive Bluetooth V5.0 technology that enables users to get rid of wires or cables and enjoy 100% stereo sound quality within a range of 30 feet. There are numerous other features of TWS, so let us discuss some here:

  • Battery Backup: Like many wireless devices, battery backup becomes a crucial factor for wireless earbuds too. With TWS earbuds, you can extract an additional charge of 20 hours to 25 hours from the earbud case once the battery backup is over.
  • Shape & Design: The TWS earbuds are easy and convenient to use. All you need to do is place the two buds in your ears. Whether it is jogging in the park or exercising in the gym, users can wear them anywhere because of the specially designed wing tips that will fit comfortably in their ears.
  • Water Resistance: TWS earbuds are so popular that people wear them on the beach and even while sweating in the gym. Therefore earbuds are designed to be water, dust, and sweat resistant. The IPX5 water resistant feature protects the earbuds from all sorts of liquid damage.
  • Passive Noise Cancellation: TWS earbuds come with passive noise cancellation technology to help users get rid of the unwanted surrounding noise while making a call or listening to music. It enables a noise-free environment for the best listening experience.
How to Choose the Right Pair of Wireless Earbuds?

To choose the right pair of wireless earbuds, you must consider three things:

  • Sound: The overall sound quality of the earbuds is the first thing to look for. A pair of earbuds that can produce balanced, rich, and deep sound with the perfect blend of bass is always the right pair. Also, look for consistent and clear call quality.
  • Driver Size: Give attention to the earbud’s driver size as it creates the sound you hear. The best option is to pick Bluetooth earbuds with a 6mm driver size or something higher.
  • Powerful Battery: Choose the pair of wireless earbuds that ensure the best amount of total battery life. If the earbuds drain out of charge, you can easily have them run again soon by placing them in the charging case. The latest earbuds come with fast charging technology, so look out for this feature.
  • What do true wireless earbuds mean?
    True wireless earbuds are nothing but another name for IEMs [In-Ear Monitors] or Bluetooth earbuds that come without any wire or cord.
  • Which true wireless earbuds are worth buying?
    The best true wireless earbuds worth your money and time are GoBuds 400, GoBuds 600 and GoBuds 920. Each of them offers high-quality sound, comes with 5.0 Bluetooth Technology, and offers voice assistance features. But apart from these earbuds, the GoBuds 410, GoBuds 621, GoBuds 901 and GoBuds 902 are worth checking out. These four earbuds are the latest addition to the GoBuds series.
  • What is the difference between Bluetooth and true wireless earbuds?
    The primary difference between Bluetooth and true wireless earbuds is that the wireless earbuds use radio waves, internal memory, infrared, or KleerNet to transmit audio signals. In contrast, Bluetooth earbuds use short-range radio waves.
Types of Earbuds?

There are two types of earbuds in today’s market based on connectivity.

  • 1. Wired Earbuds: The wired earbuds have multifunctional controls through which users can listen to all their favorite tunes and get to attend calls on the go. It also comes with a high-definition mic along with an advanced chipset and 10 mm driver for true radio and deep bass. These earbuds offer 12 hours of long battery life for non-stop music and carry a 1-year warranty.
  • 2. Truly Wireless Earbuds: There is a difference between them, even though both function through the Bluetooth feature. The Truly Wireless Earbuds comes with a charging case that charges the headphones while they are placed inside the cases. This is something you will not get in the wireless ones. are different from Wireless Earbuds. Another difference is that the Truly Wireless Earbuds do not carry wires, but the wireless ones are connected through a neckband. Now, let us look at some of the best True Wireless Earbuds and their features.
  • Powerful Battery: Choose the pair of wireless earbuds that ensure the best amount of total battery life. If the earbuds drain out of charge, you can easily have them run again soon by placing them in the charging case. The latest earbuds come with fast charging technology, so look out for this feature.
    • GoBuds 920: This earbud carries a charging time of 1.5 hours and has an LED indicator that will let you check the battery life of the earbuds. The earbud carries the best-in-class chipset and driver for PRO audio and deep bass. GoBuds 920 also has 5.1 Bluetooth technology through which you will get 30 feet of seamless connectivity. The GoBuds 920 comes with a 30-hour battery life along with super touch control, IPX5 water resistant and voice-assistant features. Users can also utilize this headset in the form of a mono headset as well.
    • GoBuds 600: This is another great wireless earbud model that comes with passive voice cancellation, comes in a case, and has a standby time of 100 hours (about 4 days). The GoBuds 600 comes with a 33-hour battery life with C type input. The headset will fit comfortably to your ears and it is all thanks to its ergonomic design. You will get to enjoy the wireless experience through the 5.0 Bluetooth technology along with excellent stability and a much better range. The earbuds also come with a 1-year warranty, IPX5 water-resistant technology and have a slim design making it easier for you to carry them around.
    • GoBuds 400: These wireless earbuds are one-of-a-kind and come with IPX5 sweat and water-resistant features. The earbuds carry a 10mm driver along with a closed-back design for powerful sound. Thanks to their ergonomic design, these earbuds will not fall out of your ears and will resume and pause your music automatically whenever you turn them on and off. The cool thing about these GoBuds 400 is that it offers a rich sound along with a 20-hour battery life. It also has Bluetooth 5.0 technology, along with voice assistance and multifunctional control.
Why Do You Need Earbuds?

Earbuds are worn by many individuals and there are several reasons behind it, which are:

  • They offer a deep 3D and amplifying stereo along with crystal clear experience 20Hz to 20,000Hz.
  • You can wear these earbuds when conducting all your regular activities, such as working out, cleaning the house, shopping, etc.
  • These earbuds come with voice-assistant features. This means you can answer and disconnect calls without using your hands.
  • Many of the Earbuds come with a 1-year warranty for damages.
  • They will provide you with excellent stability and range through Bluetooth 5.0 technology. You can connect with any device.
  • These Earbuds also come with the IPX5 technology that certifies waterproof protection against rain, water and sweat.
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