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Low Latency Meaning In Earbuds

03 May 2023

Imagine yourself on a vacation where you’re lying on a beach under a coconut tree shed watching the final scene of the most iconic TV series - Breaking Bad. They have got Jesse Pinkman, and now Walter is the only escort that could save him. 

You know it’s one of the series' most nail-biting, adrenaline-rushing scenes as Walter has nothing to lose, and you want to know how badass he can be. He is about to say his final scene dialogues, and there’s no limit to your excitement. 

Wait, what just happened? The video and audio are not in sync? Well, the mood is spoiled, and the scene is ruined! Sounds like something that happened to you once or twice, right?

This visual and audio buffer (lag) is known as Desynchronization, and the only savior in such a prodigy is called low latency. Yes, and low latency is not beneficial for entertainment lovers but also for gaming enthusiasts. 

It’s indeed true that you feel miserable when you go for a winning kill on the game and get squared instead due to your headphones. Before you jump into any related or unrelated questions, let us tell you what latency is, why earbuds have latency and more. 

What Is Latency?

Latency is a computing terminology that means slowing down before data starts to transmit after it receives a command to do that. Concerning Bluetooth, latency means the duration for which a sound gets transmitted from your device (Say smartphone) to be played on the device that receives it (earbuds). 

The low latency meaning is simple. It is nothing but filling the gap between the auditory and visual. It shares resemblance with fast-moving frames, but only for audio. Earbuds that ensure low latency functions on the simple fundamental of reducing the lag rate to the least minimum point. 

While learning “what is low latency,” it’s imperative to understand that having zero latency in Bluetooth earbud devices is next to impossible. However, leading earbud companies like GOVO can assure one thing - earbuds with latency as minimal as possible. 

Why Do Earbuds Have Latency?

No matter what your expectations are, even wired earphones aren’t entirely lag-free. At a tiny 5-10ms, the latency in wired earphones is quite unnoticeable to humans. However, when it comes to Bluetooth earbuds, the lag is more prominent, ranging between 32-300ms. 

The reason behind it is that Bluetooth earbuds consume way more time in the commencing processing phases of transforming digital data into transmissible audio signals. Thus, it takes more time to transmit the sound waves (audio signals) into the ears. 

When the audio transmission takes place over Bluetooth, it should be first processed into a specific format to ensure seamless transmission over the air. When speakers or headphones receive the audio, it must first be processed into an analog (NOT DIGITAL) audio signal. 

Only after that can one enjoy the true playback. All these processes take time, even if we’re speaking of fractions of seconds here. The additional steps do contribute to boosting the lag you go through when using earbuds. 

Can Latency Be Reduced?

You must know that a certain degree of latency is inescapable when you use a Bluetooth device. It is always time-consuming to transmit, decode, and play the audio. Moreover, Bluetooth earbuds come with the minimum possible latency of 32ms, which even turns out to be unstable in certain situations. 

However, depending on your earbuds, the latency can go up significantly. As per statistics, when the increase in lag goes beyond 100ms, things become more distracting and annoying for the users than ever. So, the concise answer is, yes, lag can be reduced but not avoided when using earbuds. 


Low Latency TWS Earbuds By GOVO: Feel The Difference

A few months or a year ago, if you needed to buy TWS low latency earbuds, you would have to spend a large portion of your savings on the store. But gone are those days as the rapid technological advancement has led to the widespread availability of best quality, low-latency earbuds at affordable prices. 

Things got more interesting when people started to feel the difference with the latest low latency earbuds by GOVO. The GOVO low latency earbuds are powered with latency as low as possible (below 60ms), which is enough for gamers and music listeners to get an edge in their listening experience. 

With GOVO earbuds like the GOVO GOBUDS 902GOBUDS 400, and GOBUDS 600 you won’t have to worry about poor lip synchronization anymore while watching media. The GOVO TWS earbuds ensure more stable and better quality audio than what you used to get before. 

The brand features a range of super speedy earbuds that are all equipped with powerful, dynamic drivers to ensure the deep bass tone and clear audio for an elevated, next-level music experience. So, when considering TWS earbuds with low latency, go GOVO! 

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