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Experience the captivating sound of Govo Bluetooth speakers and uncover why they've become the top audio pick for numerous users throughout India.

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The Bluetooth speakers online have elevated the music listening experience to another level. Portability has emerged as its key benefit and the primary reason for its popularity.

With this gadget, you can effortlessly and efficiently listen to your favourite tunes anytime, anywhere. Although small in size, they ensure excellent sound quality. Also, they are energy-efficient, which means they need a low amount of battery power to run for a long time.

To bring in full range audio into any space you are in for not a lot of money and to connect wirelessly to your smartphones, tablets and other electronic devices buying Bluetooth speakers have become essential and worth the money.

Bluetooth Speakers don't come cheap so we've put together a small checklist of features that you should consider before buying your next portable Bluetooth speaker, check out Bluetooth speaker buying guide.


Best Bluetooth speakers under 5000

Features of Bluetooth Speakers

Apart from the obvious convenience and comfort of Bluetooth technology, there are other great features of Bluetooth speakers, such as:

  • Versatile Portability: Today, Bluetooth speakers are available in different shapes and sizes. Some of them feature handles and clips to support the user lifestyle.
  • Water Resistance: Bluetooth speakers can be taken to the beach, pool, or even a party where a spilled drink is something common to see. Here, the IPX7 water-resistant feature protects your speakers optimally.
  • Rechargeable Battery Support: Almost every Bluetooth speaker comes with a rechargeable battery inside, which ensures energy efficiency and convenience. They’re eco-friendly, too, as they alleviate the need for replacing electric batteries.
  • Robust Durability: latest Bluetooth speakers online are designed to withstand both usual wear and tear and harsh weather. The best Bluetooth speakers come with a shockproof design to protect them from breaks and drops.
Things to Consider Before Buying a Portable Wireless Speaker

There are two significant things to consider before buying a portable wireless speaker. They are:

  • Battery Life Support : Battery life is a crucial thing to consider. Pick a Bluetooth speaker whose battery will last at least 10-hours. The small-sized speakers often come with smaller batteries, but the large-sized ones come with battery life as long as for 24-hours.
  • Bluetooth Version: Most wireless speakers come with the specification detail for their Bluetooth version. Although the cheap speaker model still uses version 2.1, it’s best to choose the one with the latest version - Bluetooth 5.0.
  • Which Bluetooth speaker is best?
    With long battery life and water-resistant feature, along with an advanced 48mm driver and chipset for deep bass and audio, GoCrush 900 can be considered the best Bluetooth speaker.
  • What is the difference between Bluetooth and Wi-Fi speakers?
    The main difference between Wi-Fi and Bluetooth speakers is that the Bluetooth speakers are ideal for smaller spaces and comes in a portable size. The Wi-Fi speakers, on the other hand, offer inbuilt voice assistants, but they must stay connected to power all the time.
  • Which speaker is best for home?
    If you just want to carry your music anywhere you are in your home and get some tasks done by connecting them to Google Home and Siri personal assistants, then you should go for GOVO Bluetooth speakers.
Types of Bluetooth Portable Speakers

When it comes to the various Bluetooth portable speakers, you can check the available options at GOVO! Their exceptional product range consists of all the major types of Bluetooth speakers, equipped with the latest features and technology, for optimal listening experience for the users. Let’s check them out.

  • GoCrush 900: This Bluetooth speaker ensures explosive 24W sound and 25-hour battery life with type-C input. Also, it uses the latest Bluetooth version 5.0 technology. The speaker comes with a sleek and light design along with a cylindrical shape. You can easily carry it with you wherever you go.
  • GoCrush 410: With up to 30-feet of seamless connectivity via the latest Bluetooth 5.0 technology, this is a great budget-friendly Bluetooth speaker. It also has Siri and Google voice assistant enabled. GoCrush 400 comes in a triangular shape and a feather-light design along with a 1-year warranty.
  • GoCrush 421: With an ergonomic shape and design and Bluetooth 5.0 technology, this is another great Bluetooth speaker from GOVO. It is a square-shaped portable speaker that comes with the IPX7 dust and water-resistant feature.
When Do You Need Wireless Speakers?

Here are some of the times when you need wireless speakers:

  • To Use it Around the House
    If you’re cooking or gardening in your house while listening to music on headphones or headsets, you can experience disruptions. You may not hear what others will say to you at that moment. However, with Bluetooth speakers, this won’t be a problem.
  • To Share Music
    Many people find it irritating and useless to use their phone’s lousy speaker for playing some incredible music to share it with their friends. Here, using the Bluetooth speaker will let you play the music for everyone with excellent sound quality.
  • To Use Outside the Home
    Keeping aside the benefit of use at home, Bluetooth speakers can be a great addition to your backyard party, family picnic, or dance party with friends.
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