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High Bass Bluetooth Speaker - Unleash The Bass

09 May 2023

Do you like bass-heavy music? Are you never tired of listening to hip-hop or EDM? If so, you should use a speaker, not just any speaker, but the one that produces warm, powerful, and punchy bass. When some Bluetooth speakers are struggling to produce low-bass sound, others from brands like GOVO can precisely produce impressive stereo bass. 

The best high bass Bluetooth speaker comes with multiple features, and GOVO knows that. This brand offers a collection of Bluetooth speakers that delivers deep bass and ensures enhanced portability and durability. So, if you don’t compromise on your speaker’s bass while staying within the budget, go with one of these available options at GOVO. 



Before buying a Bluetooth speaker, you must know what ensures a good bass. Understanding the factors contributing to a speaker’s good bass will help you make your investment worthwhile. 

  • The speaker’s box size determines the bass output. The larger the diameter of the speaker box, the deeper and better the bass output. In other terms, the smaller the speaker’s driver, the lesser the bass output. So, when considering a high bass Bluetooth speaker, choose the one with a larger box. 
  • A speaker with decent driver units is the one that ensures good sound, especially bass. They are commonly available in the drivers, and every GOVO speaker comes with this. Advanced dynamic drivers with a magnet, diaphragm and a voice coil become crucial for delivering good bass to any speaker. 



High Bass Speakers

Driver Size

IP Rating























1. GOCRUSH 900

Starting off with this GOVO speaker that produces enough volume to rock any party! The GOCRUSH 900 is the best high bass Bluetooth speaker in the collection of GOVO. This GOVO model is a large and robust model that ensures bass with plenty of presence. Whether you plan to throw a roof-top party or set up a mini sound system in your basement, this GOVO GOCRUSH model is the right choice for you. 

With an advanced 48mm driver and chipset, this GOVO model offers deep bass and pro audio. It features an ABS & Fabric premium build quality that provides a sleek design and makes the speaker more sturdy and durable. The latest Bluetooth 5.0 technology enables you to seamlessly connect your smart device with the speaker from up to 30 feet. 

Its advanced mechanism enables the drivers to optimize the low-end clarity by responding to the precise low-end frequency recognition mapping. It lets you enjoy a cleaner and disruption-free bass by dampening any unwanted resonance. 

You can operate this speaker wirelessly or directly via aux cable or micro SD. Thanks to its voice assistant that’s Siri and Google enabled, you won’t have to face any hassle while operating this speaker. 


  • Extra Bass Optimization 
  • Advanced 48mm large driver
  • Up to 25 hours of battery performance

What’s So Special About It

When it comes to high bass Bluetooth speaker models, GOVO has emerged as the leading provider. Their GOCRUSH 900 comes with an excellent array of features at a reasonable price range. 


2. GOCRUSH 410

Another impressive option from GOVO is the GOCRUSH 410 model, which resembles top-notch quality and highly durable solutions. It has an excellent carry-case and lightweight design, making it easily portable. 

The model is aesthetically appealing while featuring a strong rubber strap handle to conveniently take it around your trip. With an outstanding rechargeable battery, it ensures up to 15 hours of non-stop music playtime. The array comes with a larger driver unit that enhances and amplifies the bass. 

The advanced 40mm dynamic driver ensures full-range pro audio with an excellent bass presentation. The IPX7 water resistance rating makes it a safe choice for your pool parties as you can enjoy high bass without any fear of damage. 


  • Sound engineered on Listen Technologies USA
  • Affordable price
  • Portable and durable design
  • Voice assistant enabled

What’s So Special About It: 

This GOVO model comprehensively offers a wide range of features at a low price. The advanced 40mm larger driver takes care of your high-bass needs at parties or adventures. 


3. GOCRUSH 421

The GOVO GOCRUSH 420 is the most affordable Bluetooth speaker that offers a power-packed bass performance to its users. This user-friendly Bluetooth speaker ensures seamless wireless connectivity for up to 30 feet of distance and also lets you run it via aux cable or use micro SD. 

It comes with a stylish, ergonomic design and integrated controls to ensure optimal convenience in usage. This speaker also has a voice assistant that’s both Siri and Google enabled to let you enjoy the ease in operation when your hands are preoccupied. 

It has a robust square shape with curved edges and a lightweight design to make it compact and ultra-portable for easy carrying on your backpacks and handbags. It comes with advanced, high-performance drivers that produce sonic audio. 

The low-end processing and component optimization enhance the bass to let you experience the next-level EDM or high-bass music. 


  • Advanced 40mm driver for deep bass audio
  • Micro-SD reader and Aux Input
  • Enhanced durability and portability
  • Improved bass 


What’s So Special About It

It ensures disruption-free, full-range sound quality and is exceptionally designed; the addition of a Micro SD reader and Aux input at such a low price gives it an edge over other brand products. 



So, you must be surprised yet happy to see how a small price range can bring happiness to you. 

The best high-bass Bluetooth speakers from GOVO come at affordable prices, much lesser than those you see on the market. Their high-end speakers ensure a good value for money by impressing you with their range of features at such reasonable prices. 

So, get the most out of this article, determine which GOVO speaker suits your requirements and fits your budget, and purchase accordingly. Bringing a GOVO speaker into your home involves investing in a durable, efficient gadget. 


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