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GOVO GOBUDS - A Truly Wireless Stereo Earbuds

04 May 2023

What do you think about when you hear the word "wireless?" Maybe it's not having to deal with tangled earbuds. Or no more worrying about your phone battery dying just because of music playback on your headphones. You're in luck; GOVO has created truly wireless stereo earbuds called GOBUDS 600, GOBUDS 920, and GOBUDS 400! They are designed for people who want to listen to their favorite tunes without the hassle of cords getting in the way or running out of power. They are the latest types of wireless earbuds that provide users with the ability to listen to music, take phone calls, other audio content anywhere they go, and enhance the overall sound experience. The battery life is about 30 hours long on one charge, giving users plenty of time for anything they need before it needs recharging.

The earbuds have an ergonomic design, so they will fit comfortably in your ears for hours on end. Let’s learn more about the different types of GOBUDS so you can choose the best one for your needs.


GOVO has introduced a range of GOBUDS sound products that all offer something different. Whether you are searching for a product that provides you with crystal-clear sound quality or wants something that allows you to take phone calls, listen to music, watch videos, or workout in the gym without any cords getting in the way, GOVO has you covered.


GOBUDS 400 has a new, slimmer and lighter design. It is equipped with the latest Bluetooth V5.0-version that gives it high-quality sound as well as stereo sound to provide users with an incredible listening experience. The unique magnetic docking station allows you to charge up your earbuds quickly and easily at any time. The GOBUDS 400 Stereo Earbuds also come with a USB cable for charging when the battery is too low to be charged via wireless. The primary feature that makes this product unique from others on the market is its multi-functional touch controls for ease of use, which allows you to play, pause or change the volume of your music. What's more interesting is that you get a 20-hour battery life on a single charge!


GOBUDS 600 features a brand-new design, new and improved sound quality. It also has an ergonomic and comfortable fit for all ears! The earbuds are equipped with Bluetooth V5.0, which offers high-quality audio playback to ensure that you get the best listening experience possible. GOBUDS 600 is also equipped with IPX5 Water Resistant technology that protects the earbuds from sweat during exercise sessions. Moreover, there is a Mono Mode feature that lets you use the headset as a mono headset as well. With a 33-hour battery backup, you are sure to have enough power to get you through the day without having to worry about recharging. Last but not least, with its passive noise cancellation technology, GOBUDS 600 blocks out all the surrounding noise, so you can enjoy your music without any distractions.


The GOBUDS 920 is the top-of-the-line product in the GOBUDS family! It features a brand new design and sound quality that is sure to blow you away. It comes with Passive Noise Cancelling technology that cancels out background noise, so you can enjoy your music uninterrupted. This feature is definitely something that most budget-friendly earbuds do not have! When it comes to its technicalities, GOBUDS 920 is equipped with Bluetooth V5.0, IPX5 Water Resistant, which makes it splash-proof, a voice assistant with Google & Siri enabled, and a Mono Mode that allows you to use it as a mono headset as well. Nevertheless, the most interesting feature of GOBUDS 920 is the Dual Pairing, which allows you to easily switch between multiple devices with dual pair mode.


The GOBUDS has some latest additions to the family and offers a truly wireless stereo experience. The earbuds have an ergonomic design, so they will fit comfortably in your ears for hours on end. They come with a charging case that provides an additional 30 hours of battery life, making it possible to use them for up to prolonged hours total before needing to be recharged. You can also use them while they are charging, which is perfect for those times when you can't get to a power outlet right away. Additionally, these earbuds include noise cancellation technology so you can focus on your music and not the outside world.

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