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Best Rakhi Gifts For Brothers Under 500

05 May 2023

Rakhi is almost here, and your brother is surely as excited as you are. After all, it’s the year’s only auspicious day when you celebrate the beautiful yet weird bond you and your brother have. It’s amazing how this relationship is way different from any other relationship you have.

You fight, irritate and annoy each other every day, and sometimes you don’t even want to see each other’s faces. Still, whenever you face some trouble, or something disturbs you, there’ll be one person always standing behind your back to protect and help - your brother. 

When you’re in deep trouble, your brother is the first person you call for help, right? This is the beauty of the brother-sister bond, and Raksha Bandhan is the most precious day of the year to celebrate this bond. It’s obvious for your brother to give you a gift every Rakhi, but why not turn things around this year? 

Get the best Rakhi gift for a brother under 500 and make him feel special this year. It’s common to face difficulty choosing the right gift for your brother but do not worry, as this article will remove your stress of selecting the best gift item. 

Here are some of the best Rakhi gifts for brothers under 500 that you must explore. 


Nothing can outrun the happiness your brother will feel while getting a gift made exclusively for them. A personalized gift, especially a personalized mug, exhibits your thoughts, devotions, and efforts put in the present, and the mug is something they’ll use and see daily. 

Whenever your brother sees his or both of your pictures on the mug, he will remember the times you spent together in childhood and cherish them. You can also get some quotes or his name printed on the mug.


Chocolates are the eternal love for almost everyone. The way they delve and melt into your mouth, you’ll feel like something sweet and tasty is exploding in your mouth. So, giving a box full of exquisite and mouth-watering chocolates is an amazing idea for this Rakhi. 

These sweet treats are all your brother needs to dive into the ocean of deliciousness in this Rakhi. But do you know why it’s more impressive than ever? That’s because you can steal chocolates from his box whenever you want. Hehe!


Digitization of the world is at its peak, and your brother should stay at the epitome of this digitization too. One of the best rakhi gifts this year for your brother under 500 would be a digital gift that he can easily save on his phone. 

There are plenty of options available for digital gifts, such as subscriptions to OTT platforms, e-cards, personalized apps, live performances, online gift cards, etc. These gifts are amazing, and your brother can get the most out of them again and again. 


Pictures are more of a window to the past. You can travel back in time to cherish and relive the fun, joyous, and exciting moments of your life that you spent together with your brother. This is why it is an excellent idea to gift your brother the best picture of you both framed in an attractive photo frame. 

You buy an exceptional photo frame from the market, or you can order a customized frame designed just for you two. You can choose one of the funniest yet most enjoyable photo frames and make this day even more special for your brother. 



Today, smart electronic gadgets have become a necessity of life. Whether it’s a daily commute, some movie night, or an online meeting, your brother will need a good pair of earphones for it. 

You can easily get the best deal for the most high-performance earphones under 500, especially if you get them from GOVO. Your brother will not only use this gift daily but also remember how much you care for his daily needs. So, get one for your brother and surprise him on this Rakhi.


The attractive and appealing colors and the mesmerizing design of personalized greeting cards are all it takes to express your love and emotions for your brother. Tell him how much he annoys you, but also tell him that he is the most important person in your life. 

And a personalized card is the best way to convey this message. So, this Raksha Bandhan, let your brother feel special with the most personalized greeting card ever. 


It’s most likely that your brother uses a backpack or a bike for daily use. In that case, giving him a personalized keychain would be an excellent gift choice on this Rakhi. Give him a keychain that comes with the most unique and attractive print or logo that he will surely love. 

So, purchase one of these Rakhi gifts for a brother under 500, surprise him, and cherish the smile you are about to embark upon on his face. 

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