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Wired Earphones: The Hot New Accessory for Gen Z Fashion

06 May 2023

Earbuds and wireless headphones are undoubtedly attractive and cool for a moment, but with the retro nostalgia, you are stepping into the world of wired earphones again.

Top brands with wireless headphones are worrying as their products are failing to create hype among the Gen Z or younger generation. Yes, you’ve read it right, the retro wired earphones for girls and boys have emerged as the new hot accessory trend for Gen Z fashion.

Thanks to celebrities like Bella Hadid and Lily-Rose Depp, wired earphones have made their way back into the fashion world. It has hit all the right chords of the younger generations and become a popular opinion.


Are Wired Earphones Trendy Again?

Yes, yes, and yes!! Wired earphones from top brands like GOVO have made their way back from the drawers into the fashion street. Today, wired earphones like the GOBASS 910 have led the other wireless products to go uncool among Gen Z.

No matter if there is a need to untangle or untwist the earphones, the fashion trend stands above all for this generation, and they can be a little patient to be on the cutting-edge of cool. With the recently published photographs of trendsetters like Zoe Kravitz and Lily-Rose Depp wearing wired earphones on the streets of New York, it’s quite evident that these earphones are trendy again.

It’s all true and evident from one of the Instagram accounts named “Wired It Girls.” The account is dedicated to making posts and updates on celebrities wearing “wired” earphones in public and private. The creator of this account, Shelby Hull, keeps posting inducing and enticing shots portraying the smooth arrival of wired earphones and earpods into pop culture over the last three decades.

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With pictures of female celebrities wearing cute earphones for girls, Gen Z has become fonder of wired headphone technology and made it a trend again.


Why Is Gen Z Plugging in Earphones And Feeling Cool About It? 

Gen Z is the trendsetters of this decade, and they are plugging in earphones and feeling cool about it. There’s a reason for that too. Let’s explore.

According to the recent reports from the Wall Street Journal’s Rory Satran, every celeb from Lily-Rose Depp to Bella Hadid has been seen in the street shunning earpods for the earphones of the past. With the increasing popularity of the trend, Gen Z is leading forward to plug their wired earphones back in.

The partial reason behind it is that wired earphones are a widely preferred mode of recording videos for the TikTokers. Why so? For starters, these earphones are more affordable, practical, handy, and alleviate some of the “indefinite” radiation issues some individuals have with earpods (although considered safe by the FDA). Also, wired earphones act more than just some function. Gen Z feels cool to wear them mainly due to their aesthetics, punky vibe evocative of the nostalgic 2010 era.

Gen Z has also plugged-in wired earphones to make an “anti-finance person” style statement. The average 25-26 years old say that wearing earpods gives them a whole corporate look, and they want to avoid that.


Celebrities Wearing Wired Earphones

According to Twitter, a few Gen Z members claimed to throw away their earpods for the ongoing trend involving their delightful retro accessory partner to look more fashionable and attractive like their favorite celebs such as Lily-Rose Depp the daughter of actor Johnny Depp. 

From the columns of “Wired It Girls,” you can see pictures of many celebrities wearing wired earphones. Apart from the famous photograph of Janet Jackson in a black and white portrait, recently taken photos of Hoyeon Jung, Dakota Johnson, and Jennifer Lawrence with corded earphones have shaken the roots of the fashion world, especially for Gen Z members.

Some even consider it an ideal retro movement. There’s an analysis that soon, wired earphones will regain their importance in the music streaming world and change the landscape of wired technology.


Earphones For Girls: A Style Statement

As you may know, wireless technology has been there for a while. However, it gained immense importance and popularity with the arrival of earbuds like GOBUDS 920 in the market. Gen Z says that many jumped into the earbuds trend due to peer pressure. However, the trend has changed. Now, people want to relive their nostalgic days of clean and clear sound with wired earphones.

Today, the re-advent of wired earphones has become a hot accessory and a style statement, especially for girls. In the ongoing retro-way, wired earphones have become a trend, and fashion style for Gen Z. Remember how the millennials considered the concept of voicemail to be boring. In contrast, Gen Z considered it to be cool. That’s the same case with wired earphones.

Popular wired earphones like GOVO GOBASS 900GOBASS 610and GOBASS410 have become a style statement for Gen Z to look cool, cute, and attractive on the street or in public.

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