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What is a Home Theater and how to choose one?

09 May 2023

A new home theater setup at your home will be one of your smartest investments ever. Take no worries if you face difficulty while choosing the home theater system, as we are here to help. In this comprehensive guide, you’ll learn all about home theaters. So, let’s start. 


What Is A Home Theater

Before you buy any home theater, it’s imperative to understand the straight answer to “what is home theater.” Let us explain it in a simple, non-definitive way. 

A good-quality projector and screen or TV are fundamental to the home theater experience. But let’s consider the home theater setup to be any Broadway play. In that case, the TV will be the primary stage, and the sound will be all other aspects, from actors and stories to glory and music. 

The true power behind home theater systems is their audio, and you’ll need the right audio to ensure a setting up a real home theater system at home. 

Home Theater Systems Basic Setup

The basic setup of home theater systems typically comprises these elements: 

  • The TV/projector and screen
  • Your room
  • Streaming devices
  • Video Source

If all these setups seem too hectic, you can simply install a soundbar - one of the best home theater types of 2022 - and simply connect it with the TV. The soundbars from GOVO are a simple, hassle-free, and convenient way to enjoy a real home theater experience at home. 


Building Your Home Theater System

To build your home theater system, you’ll need the following things: 

The TV or Projector and Screen

The key to an excellent home theater is an amazing picture, and it can’t be stressed enough that the bigger the picture, the better. It is recommended to go for a 4K HDR TV to get the most out of your home theater system. 

However, if you’ve got no worries about budget, go for an OLED TV. To enjoy theater-like imagery, go for a projector and screen that measures 8 feet or more. 

Video Sources

Your favorite movies and web series can be derived from numerous devices besides the set-top box. 4K media players and Blu-ray players provide you with an impressive, visually-appealing viewing experience while ensuring a powerful, rich home theater sound. The same goes for devices like Roku and Apple TV too. 

Home Theater Speakers

Regarding audio, it’s always best to choose the speaker's first as they, in turn, help determine the receiver’s choice. The rule of thumb is that the bigger the speaker, the more power. Plus, the more speakers, the more channels you’ll have to get for your receiver. For immersive sound, go for speakers with the latest technology - Dolby Atmos. 


The Most Basic Speaker Setup

When determining how to choose a home theater sound system, consider these things: 

Find Out How Many Speakers Will You Need?

It depends. When it comes to sound, the more, the better. Plus, the market is full of speaker combos that are powerful enough to produce home theater sound effects. A standard home theater needs five speakers, so choose accordingly. 

The Big Speakers Or The Little Speakers?

Previously, most home theater buyers used to go for small speakers. Nowadays, everything has come down to audio quality. Typically, you should go for bigger speakers, but you can choose the one that best fits your home decor and other preferences. 

Do You Need To Add A Center Channel Speaker?

By adding a center channel speaker, you can create a 3.0 setup. The center speakers are placed between the right and left speakers, typically below or above the TV. They make the dialog easier to hear and understand. 

Where Do The Soundbars Fit In?

If you’re worried about the little space for your home theater, you should definitely go with a soundbar. Setting up and ensuring a real home theater audio experience is effortless. It comes with the center, right, and left speakers within, providing a proper, easy-to-fit 3.0 solution. 


What Do The Channels Mean?

2.1 Home Theater Systems

A 2.1 soundbar system comes with one subwoofer and two speakers, typically a right and left channel. 

3.1 Home Theater Systems

A 3.1 home theater system comprises one subwoofer and three speakers, including left, right, and center channels. It’s the most common configuration found in today’s soundbars. 

5.1 Home Theater Systems

A 5.1 home theater system is the standard, traditional home theater setup with one subwoofer and five or more speakers. 

Types Of Home Theater Systems


Soundbars from brands like GOVO are the most cost-effective, space-efficient, and best alternatives to home theater systems. They have built-in speakers with the right, left, and center channels. 

So, they leave you with one simple task: adding two rear speakers and a subwoofer. Although small, they ensure true and impressive home theater surround sound. 

Pre-Packaged Home Theater Systems (Aka A Home-Theater-In-A-Box)

It is indeed one of the best types of home theater as it is the least expensive and easier to set up option. However, they’re not so popular regarding the best audio quality. 

Wireless Home Theaters

Although wired home theaters are always more reliable, a wireless system comes with no need for drilling holes and ensures easier installation. 

Custom-Designed And Installed Home Theaters

It enables you to get an actual movie theater viewing experience right at your home. However, it is more expensive than any other alternative. 



How do I choose a good music system for my home?

To choose a good music system for your home, consider factors like space in the room, the number of channels the system has, connectivity, and more. 

How do I choose an audio system?

To choose an audio system, it’s imperative to consider the size of the room where you want to install it. 

Which sound system is best for a room?

Regarding space efficiency and budget-friendliness, there’s nothing better than soundbars, especially if it’s from the brand GOVO. 

Is 5.1 or 7.1 surround sound better?

Of course, 7.1 surround sound is better as it consists of more channels than the 5.1 system. The more channels, the better the sound quality. 


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