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Sports Bluetooth Earphones in India (2023 Edition)

06 May 2023

Whether you’re running or doing a bench press at the gym, you’ll need two things: determination and good music. 

Of course, your mind is your greatest weapon, and it will take care of willpower, but what about the music? For that, you’ll need one of the best sports wireless earphones. Such earphones will become a perfect companion to your active lifestyle. 

With so many features and brands available, things may get confusing and daunting while selecting one for yourself. If so, you have nothing to worry about. We have hand-picked the best sports Bluetooth earphones from one of the most reputed and well-established brands - GOVO. 

So, keep reading. 



Which Type Of Earphones Is Best For Sports?

The type of earphones that come with Bluetooth wireless technology for seamless connectivity is the ideal ones for sports. Today, most athletes go with the TWS and wireless earphone type for their music-listening needs. 

If you’re a sportsperson who loves to listen to music while running or exercising, you must pick either wireless earphones or TWS earbuds. Why? The best-in-class wireless earphones:

  • Will ensure good ergonomics for a snug, secure, and comfortable fit during workouts
  • Is IPX rated for sweat and water resistance 
  • Comes with a passive noise cancellation feature blocking ambient noises, which are causes of distractions
  • Has the latest Bluetooth v5.0 or v5.1 technology for seamless connectivity (30ft)


Sports Bluetooth Earphones: What To Consider

To choose the best sports Bluetooth earphones, you must consider the following factors: 


Ear tip Design:

Make sure you pick a sports Bluetooth earphone whose ear tip design is snugly and comfortable. If the ear tip comes with an ergonomic design, you’ve got the right model in front of you. With good ergonomics, your earphones will ensure a convenient fit for long-term usage. 


Water and Sweat Resistance:

Pick a sports wireless earphone that features optimal water and sweat resistance. Look for earphones with IPX ratings for their water resistance capability. So, whether you sweat excessively in the gym or some water splashes accidentally on the earphones, you’ll have nothing to worry about.


Sound Quality:

Wireless earphones with large drivers and low-frequency response ensure the best sound quality. So, make sure you pick such an earphone only. 


Passive Noise Cancellation:

As an athlete, you need to focus on your workout or running sessions, all while listening to music and without any distraction. If you don't like to get interrupted by any ambient noise. You’ll need a pair of earphones that come with a passive noise cancellation feature. 



We know how your running or workout sessions can extend for hours some days. In that case, you’ll need a wireless earphone that can run for an extended period. Pick the one that ensures long battery life, ranging between 12-20 hours, on a single charge. 


Bluetooth Connectivity:

The best sports earphones should keep you away from the hassles of untangling wires. It must feature the latest Bluetooth technology for up to 30 feet of seamless connectivity. 


Sports Bluetooth Earphones from GOVO


Best Bluetooth Earphones

Driver Size

IPX Rating

Battery Life

Charging Time





20 hours

2 hours 







8 hours

1.5 hours







12 hours

1.5 hours







15 hours

1 hour







20 hours

20 mins







10 hours

2 hours







10 hours

1 hour







10 hours

2 hours





1. GOKIXX 620

The GOKIXX 620 is an all-around performer that is considered an excellent sports earphone for workouts. GOVO scaled up the design with this model while elevating its battery life (20 hours). It only takes 6-minutes of fast charging to deliver one hour of battery life. 

Plus, it’s IPX5 rated for optimal resistance against water and sweat. GOVO also takes pride in this model’s 10mm driver, ensuring a soul-rocking music experience. 

2. GOKIXX 400

These highly affordable Bluetooth earphones from GOVO come with a voice assistant feature for quick and easy controls. With an ergonomic design, it ensures the most comfortable and secure fits. 

Its latest Bluetooth technology, long battery life, and open-ear design make it perfect for cycling and running activities. Its passive noise cancellation will let you listen out for traffic all while enjoying your favorite beats on loop. 

3. GOKIXX 610

Do you love the convenience of GOVO’s earphones but aren’t quite a fan of their design? Try GOVO’s GOKIXX 610, which changes your whole concept of wireless earphones. 

The sweat and water-resistant, wire-free earphones snuggly fit into your ear for enhanced stability and use an advanced driver and chipset for pro-level sound quality and deep bass. Plus, the platinum black color elevates the model’s aesthetic appeal. 

4. GOKIXX 900

The GOKIXX 900 from the house of GOVO is an excellent choice for runners who need on-ear stability and stereo sound without any hassles of cables. 

This waterproof and durable model comes with powerful 12mm large drivers that ensure bass-boosted sound for fueling your workout sessions. These GOVO’s earphone’s ear tips are highly customizable and adjustable, contributing to your great comfort and convenience. 

5. GOKIXX 651

GOVO’s latest release is a sporty version of the GOKIXX range of earphones. The GOKIXX 651 is the top-class model from the house of GOVO, which comes with the latest Bluetooth v5.1 technology for next-level seamless connectivity. 

This small and lightweight earphone is better than all its noise-canceling partners. The ear tips come with an ergonomic design to easily and comfortably fit your ears for long-term usage. The IPX5 water-resistant protection plus the long 20-hours of music playtime makes it more perfect for sportspeople. 


Explore The GOKIXX 421 & GOKIXX 630!

Are you still looking for some more GOVO-powered earphone options? Do you want to explore a few more of GOVO’s fantastic collection? If so, check their GOKIXX 421 and GOKIXX 630. 

Not only do both of these GOVO models come with a one-year warranty, but they also strive to deliver a seamless music streaming experience. Whether it’s hands-free calling, Bluetooth 5.0 technology, large drivers, passive noise cancellation, or extended battery support, these models will provide it all. 


Final Words

So, get the most out of this guide, check all these available options, and pick the GOKIXX model that best fits your requirements and budget. 


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