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GOVO GoCrush - A Portable Bluetooth Speaker| Party on the Go

04 May 2023

The flourishing brand GOVO has come up with the finest range of earphones, earbuds, and Bluetooth speakers to cater to the right taste of your music. With GOVO, you can groove and dance, whatever be the occasion. They have pledged to bring out the ultimate dynamics in the taste of your music and will readily change and adjust as you evolve accordingly.


GoCrush is the ultimate new-age portable Bluetooth speaker with which you can dance, groove, and party your way out. Be it a house party or a family get-together, GoCrush will serve as the ultimate music system for you. You don't need to worry anymore about carrying large size musical systems for partying, as you can easily carry them around, and they would not even require a big space to accommodate.


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GOVO is building an immensely large family for its range of portable Bluetooth speakers. The GoCrush family is compact and small, unlike the other GOVO’s family products. However, in the wired range of headphones, you will come across the most dynamic design and powerful music with GOBASS 610 and GOBASS 910. With passive noise cancellation, you can perfectly groove to your rightful taste in music. We promise you that you will never be disappointed with their finest quality products. The Products of the GoCrush family are:



Doesn't it surprise you when you recall your earlier days when you would only see large bulky speakers that required to be plugged into the socket to extract music from it? Do you remember that you needed to insert CDs and cassettes to produce music? But with the ultimate modernization of everything around us, you will find that those musical systems have ceased to exist.

The world is ever-evolving, along with all the other things that are associated with it. So, with the ever-evolving technology, music systems and speakers are also becoming portable, that too wireless! GOVO has also not stopped with their great production, as they have come up with the ultimate portable Bluetooth speakers that you can carry anywhere with you. You will also find GOBUDS that will never fail to be the right fit for you.

GoCrush comes with the finest size, and you can easily accommodate it within your small bag and carry it around anywhere you want to. It gives way to the ultimate music you have ever wanted to dance and groove to. With the right bass and amplifier installed in GoCrush, your exquisite taste in music will advance and add more life to it. If you are still wondering which Bluetooth speakers would be the right choice for your house party music, we'd say GoCrush is just the right one that will ultimately adapt to your taste.


GoCrush 900

GoCrush 900 is the ultimate range of Bluetooth speakers you will ever find in the market. It comes in a perfectly dynamic cylindrical design that not only looks smart but magnificent too! This speaker is installed with Bluetooth V5.0 and supports seamless connectivity for up to 10 meters. It also permits a voice assistant, which means you can voice search and order to turn on your favorite music. It is bestowed with 25 hours of endless battery and also has IPX7 water resistance.


GoCrush 421

This GoCrush 421 Bluetooth speaker is a mixture of an almost round and square design, thereby getting one of the finest looks within the range of Bluetooth speakers from GOVO. You can groove along with the music for as long as 15 hours battery life. This speaker also supports Bluetooth v5.0 and is enabled with voice assistants - Google and Siri. It is built with IPX7 water resistance which can withstand rainy conditions and you can also take it to your poolside party.


GoCrush 410

This GoCrush 410 portable speaker is triangle-shaped and looks just perfect. It is bestowed with the exact functionalities to that of the other Bluetooth speakers from the range of the GoCrush family. Bestowed with IPX7 water resistance, Bluetooth v5.0, 15 hours of endless battery life, and with Siri and Google voice assistants.

You will find that all three portable Bluetooth speakers come with the same features and color. The only differentiation base is that it comes with three distinct shapes and sizes, and one goes beyond another.



GOVO has installed timeless features within each of their products, GoCrush being one of them.

  • The Bluetooth speakers will provide you with 3D sound effect
  • Can provide seamless music for up to 15 hours in a single complete charge, with type C input in GoCrush 410 and GoCrush 421. On the other hand GoCrush 900 offers 25 hours of endless battery life.
  • It comes with IPX7 water-resistant technology.
  • It is incorporated with Bluetooth v5.0.
  • Leading voice assistants like Siri and Google are enabled.

These dynamic features bestowed on the ultimate Bluetooth speakers make GoCrush stand out amongst the rest.



GO CRUSH will provide you with the best and crystal clear sound, installed with a perfect seam bass that is just right for your music streaming.


While purchasing the premium range of Bluetooth speakers from GOVO, you will never find that you are draining all your savings as these come at extremely affordable prices. Probably cheaper than any other Bluetooth speakers you will find in the market.


Turning on the premium ranges of GoCrush will let you stream seamless music for as many as 15 hours in GoCrush 410 and 421, and 25 hours in GoCrush 900. Isn't that a perfectly long time for you to escape from the world of music? But does escaping mean an end? No. You are escaping means that with GoCrush, you are reckoning into the new beginning. If you feel that you have found GoCrush to be your ultimate Bluetooth speaker for streaming lively and harmonious music, turn it over to Amazon and place your orders today. Hurry! The stocks are just about to get over!

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