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GOVO GOBASS - A Wired Earphone Cum BASS BOOSTER | Let's, Groom

06 May 2023

With the evolution of time, you must be changing your lifestyle, and with that, you must also want your essential accessories to fit and suit the match. Just like you are going through a daily evolution, as a brand, GOVO is trying with extreme dedication to match up with your constant changes. Keeping that in mind, GOVO has come up with great ranges of high-end products that are supposed to suit your taste, fit you and grow with you every passing day. In this article, we will be discussing everything about GOVO GOBASS.

If you want to be a part of the GOVO family, finish reading this article and head over to our website to purchase your best companion today! But first, read the entire article to learn more about it.




GOBASS is intricately designed to cater to soulful music lovers like you. GOVO has designed GOBASS to cater to the ultimate next-generation groove over music and much more of it. These wired earphones provide you with premium dynamic music and grooves along with your taste in sound, music, and much more. It comes with dynamic drivers that fit right into your ears and provide you with true and perfect bass and finely tuned audio. It also bestows you with inspirational high definition sound quality with which you can readily swirl and groove all day long.



When the world has gotten through an ultimate evolution, earphones have been modified and turned into wireless earbuds, where you don't need to get anxious every time your earphone wires get tangled in an extreme complexity. But are you not someone who prefers these new-age earphones? Are you too scared of the fact that they might accidentally drop off your ears? If your answer is yes, and you are still following the old-school trends, we must say that GOBASS is just the right earphone for you. They provide you with the right density of bass in music that will only add groove to your everyday life.



These in-ear headphones come with a swift design just to fit right into your ears. With GOBASS, you will get lost with the polished and finest bass in the musical world. The brand has introduced as many as five ranges of wired headphones. And you stand a chance to select any out of these that will be the right suit for you. We will be discussing the ranges of GOBASS earphones that GOVO has introduced to their valuable music lovers just like you.

  • GOBASS 610 comes with the ultimate hammer design with passive noise cancellation and a powerful microphone.
  • GOBASS 400 comes with super bass and a stylish design, and the other features remain the same.
  • GOBASS 910 has a metallic bullet finish look.
  • Like GOBASS 910, GOBASS 910 also bears a metallic bullet finish.
  • Lastly, GOBASS 400 is given the design of a bullet.


Some other ranges of music systems and earphones from GOVO are:


GOVO has worked immensely hard to make their Bluetooth earphones the trendsetters so that music lovers like you would make them known worldwide. These Bluetooth earphones come with as many as seven variants - GOKIXX 620GOKIXX 421GOKIXX 900GOKIXX 410GOKIXX 630, GOKIXX 400GOKIXX 610. All of them come with exquisite price tags as they are immensely affordable



These earbuds are the ultimate next-generation headphones that come with absolutely no wire, and you can be free from the job of untangling your headphones every time you are about to listen to music. GOBUDS are specially designed so that they sit tight and perfect within your ears, and you won't even stand a chance of losing them. With perfect noise cancellation, they will also provide you with the ultimate groove you ever wanted in your life.


Explore The GOKIXX 421 & GOKIXX 630!

Are you still looking for some more GOVO-powered earphone options? Do you want to explore a few more of GOVO’s fantastic collection? If so, check their GOKIXX 421 and GOKIXX 630. 

Not only do both of these GOVO models come with a one-year warranty, but they also strive to deliver a seamless music streaming experience. Whether it’s hands-free calling, Bluetooth 5.0 technology, large drivers, passive noise cancellation, or extended battery support, these models will provide it all. 



With this ultimate next-gen music system, you can bring out the perfect sense of groove with the best music and sound quality that GOCRUSH has to provide you with. If you plan on a warm-up party at your place, GOCRUSH is just the ultimate sound system. You can now groove with the accurate bass that these Bluetooth speakers provide and add fun to your not-so-happening house party.



GOVO has exquisitely designed five ranges of GOBASS, and you can select your favorite from them. GOBASS has provided different and significant shapes to their drivers, providing the ultimate timeless designs. GOVO believes that black is the smartest of all colors, so they have provided all ranges of earphones and speakers with the same color. It is bestowed with Super Bass, and in addition to it is passive noise cancellation.

With GOBASS, you can operate your music and call on the go. You can also access crystal clear voice calls as it is provided with an additional high-definition microphone.



GOVO provides premium quality headphones with a swift and smooth sound, and attached to it is the perfect bass that suits best and adjusts itself with your choice of music.



All the headphones, earphones, and Bluetooth speakers from GOVO come with an extremely affordable price tag. You can purchase them any time of the day without having to burn holes in your pocket.



GOVO will never stop moving. So why would you? Be a part of the GOVO family today.

If you have already been impressed with what GOVO has to offer you with its dynamic range of earphone collections, now is the right time for you to head over to Amazon and become a part of the GOVO community.

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