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Get the Party Started with GOVO GoCrush 900 Portable Speaker | 16W Explosive Sound

04 May 2023

Are you a party person? Is spending time with friends while enjoying explosive music your thing? Do you want to upgrade to a technology that would add elevated fun and rock-and-roll experience to your hosted parties?

If so, it’s time to introduce the GOVO GoCrush 900 to your party sessions! This GOVO Bluetooth speaker with Bluetooth version 5.0 and 25-hour battery support is the ultimate party companion. Say goodbye to poor bass and sound quality at your hosted parties with this explosive speaker.

GOVO’s new Bluetooth speaker is the go-to solution for non-stop party needs. Take your house party to the next level by introducing an explosive music experience to your friends with this GOVO Bluetooth speaker’s signature loud 24-Watt sound quality.

Whether it’s a friendly get-together, an in-home movie party, or some special event like a birthday, the lightweight, compact, and portable GOVO speaker enables you to enjoy music and movies like never before. It lets you clearly listen to the vocals, beats, bass, and sound without any distortion.

The GOCRUSH 900 speaker model gives you the ultimate listening experience with engineered sound using Listen Technologies USA devices. GOVO knows how your party can shift from inside the house to the backyard in a moment of fun, so it decided to design this model with maximum portability and convenience.

The sleek, light and compact design will help you carry the speaker wherever you want!


Explore the waves of beats with an explosive 16 Watts of sound engineered at Listen Technologies USA. The booming, floor-shaking, and powerful wireless Bluetooth speaker is the ultimate solution to the best sound experience.

Whether indoors or outdoors, this GOVO Bluetooth speaker ensures premium and rich-quality sound with crisp highs and heavy bass. With an advanced 48mm driver & chipset for deep bass and true audio, let your ears be blessed with dreamlike sound quality. With multiple inputs of Bluetooth, AUX & Micro SD, let your party be ON without any interruption or stop.

Moreover, enjoy the GOVO’s TWS feature to connect two of its speakers and set them up to play music simultaneously. After all, the power of two in one will definitely make the party go crazy!


The GOVO speaker comes with the latest Bluetooth 5.0 technology to let you quickly connect your devices and enjoy up to 10m of seamless connectivity. Now, pairing and connecting have become instantaneous and seamless with this GOVO speaker model.

To enhance your amusement, the speaker comes with the Multiple Connectivity feature, which undoubtedly will boost and glorify your music listening experience.

Let the advanced technology speaker be your friend in need anytime, anywhere with its Bluetooth, AUX & Micro SD connectivity. Streaming music, that too with such amplified sound quality, had never been this easier until now.



Rain and dust - the two-party poopers have been an issue for a long time, right? We all know how someone might accidentally spill liquid at a party or use their sweaty hands over the speaker. This type of event ought to be one of the most annoying party-spoiling moments.

Well, GOVO understands this common problem of almost every party freak and saves them from trouble.

By introducing the IPX7 Dust and Water-Resistant feature, GOVO ensures that you’ll never have to encounter any such interruption or spoilers at the party. The ABS & Fabric premium build quality takes care of liquid spills and sweaty hands with great ease.

Someone can turn out to be a party spoiler, but not the GOVO GOCRUSH 900!



With the advent of such a technologically advanced GOVO Bluetooth speaker, you’ll never have to worry about battery life anymore.

With a Type-C port, 10m of wireless range, and 25-hours long playtime, this GOVO speaker is explicitly what you need to keep the party going all day and all night long.

Introduce the 24-watt powerful long extended battery support speaker from GOVO to make your party the ultimate topic of discussion for all.

This GOVO speaker comes with a 3600 mAh battery, which takes only 4-hours of charging time to get you all set before the party. 



As a party host, it can be really difficult for you to handle the booze, beverage, and food, attend to the guests, and create a soothing ambience altogether. Amid all these things to do, changing the music or picking the right song can be really distressing.

Take no worries, as your party saver - GOVO - ensures seamless transition with its Google & Siri voice assistant integration. You can ask one of these assistants to help you change songs or make transitions without using your fingers.



So, conclusively, the platinum black colored GOVO GoCrush 900 speaker is your one-stop party solution! Although it’s not a necessary feature for a party, you can use this speaker for hands-free calling with its in-built mic.

Anyway, the Bluetooth speaker comes with a 1-year warranty to ensure the protection of the speaker against any damage. That’s that! So, get one for your next party today!

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