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5 Bluetooth Speaker Features You Should Consider

05 May 2023

Bluetooth speakers have gained immense popularity over the years, especially among portable speaker users. It is no surprise as the best portable and super-convenient speaker features the best-in-class technologies to make music streaming easily accessible from any mobile device. 

Audiophiles or music-lovers can now stream and share their favorite tracks and albums with their friends and family anywhere, anytime, without the stress of tangling wires or cable wire connectivity. Besides the apparent advantages of Bluetooth connectivity, these speakers bring many more features to the users. 

If you’re considering Bluetooth speakers for purchase, you should know their most impressive features. This will help in the decision-making process and let you choose the best Bluetooth speaker in the market. So, let’s start. 


A Bluetooth speaker features dynamic audio drivers to produce clear and bass-boosted sound. The more audio drivers in the speaker, the more powerful, punchy, and rich the sound quality. 

For instance, the leading Bluetooth speaker brand GOVO has a product line where every speaker features high-quality stereo sound with its large drivers. 

So, if you need a speaker that delivers the next-level sound quality for elevating your parties or get-togethers, go with the one having large drivers as the GOVO speakers do. 



The best-in-class Bluetooth speakers like the GOVO GoCrush 421 come with multifunction controls to let you enjoy hands-free calling while managing the music. It helps you take essential calls in-between parties without any hassle. 

Also, the seamless button controls of a Bluetooth speaker make it easier to adjust the volume, pause the music, turn ON/OFF the device, and switch songs. The more the button controls, the better the speaker. 



A Bluetooth speaker features sturdy clips and handles, such as a convenient carabiner for clipping the speaker onto a backpack, belt loop, and bag. 

Several other speakers have great sound in a portable package, just like the GoCrush 410 Bluetooth speaker from GOVO. However, don’t get overwhelmed with the small size, as these speakers offer seamless connectivity for up to 30 feet and a carrying handle. 

Thus, you can carry and shift it whenever and wherever you want to entertain your friends or family. GOVO has an excellent range of convenient and super-sonic portable speakers to choose from. 



If you want to buy a speaker to carry to the beach, the pool, or a party where people can spill drinks, you must consider a speaker with water-resistance capability. It will act as insurance for protecting your speakers. 

The waterproof Bluetooth speakers from GOVO are IPX7 rated, meaning you can carry them anywhere - the pool or the beach - without worrying about any water damage. The IPX7-rated water-resistance feature is the label that assures your speaker is waterproof.



Almost every Bluetooth speaker features an internal rechargeable battery that ensures excellent energy efficiency and prolonged battery lifetime. As these speakers alleviate the need for electric batteries, they’re more environment-friendly, and you won’t have to worry about repurchasing new batteries. 

So, regarding battery lifetime, consider a speaker that ensures at least 10-12 hours of playtime on a single charge. It will not only help you enjoy a non-stop music spree at a party but also alleviate the need to carry a charger anywhere you go. 

Fortunately, all the GOVO Bluetooth speakers come with prolonged battery lifetime support, which ranges between 15-25 hours. So, consider the speaker that comes with extended battery support; after all, the more extended the battery lifetime, the more convenience you get. 



Many Bluetooth speakers can withstand both wear and tear and harsh weather conditions. The GOVO Bluetooth speakers come with a shockproof, sturdy, and durable design that ensures optimal protection of your device from breaks and drops. 

After all, all the GOVO speakers are made of premium quality, sturdy materials that can easily adjust to the changing environment. No matter the weather condition or where you drop it, there won’t be any issue with its functionality. 

Yes, a scratch or two can be seen if it drops from a far height, but be rest assured there won’t be anything else to bother you. So, choose a speaker that ensures rugged durability; after all, the better the durability, the longer its shelf life. 



Currently, the best affordable Bluetooth speaker is the GOVO GoCrush 900, which comes at a shockingly low price of just 3499, while ensuring a plethora of benefits and incorporating all these features mentioned above. 


Hopefully, with this comprehensive guide on Bluetooth speaker features, you won’t have difficulty choosing the right speaker for yourself. Consider these above-mentioned features when you’re shopping for a Bluetooth speaker online or in person. 

To make things easier for you - if you’re considering a speaker that comes with all these features at a reasonable price, you should check out GOVO’s Bluetooth speaker collection. We’re confident that it won’t disappoint you. 

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